Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Yurt Camping

Could I ever say enough about winter camping in yurts? We are so fortunate to have these simple, economical camping shelters at our Oregon coast state parks. They are warm and snug, they are round, they are fun, and they really get us out there in the winter time. It's quite the experience to lie in bed and look up through the skylight in a rainstorm or on a clear night at the stars.

If you have not had the good fortune of spending time in one of these shelters yet, here is a good description from the Pacific Yurts website, "What is a Yurt?: 

 The Pacific Yurt is a modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used by Central Asian nomads for centuries. The compact shape of the yurt and combination of lightweight members in tension and compression mean that the structure is highly efficient in maximizing strength while minimizing the use of materials.

The Pacific Yurt is a lightweight, low-cost, state-of-the-art version that retains the sense of wholeness of the ancient form while delivering the structural integrity, longevity and low maintenance demanded by modern users.

Though generally classified as a tent, the yurt is much stronger and weathertight. The Pacific Yurt is a circular structure that consists of a durable fabric cover, tension band and a wood frame that includes a lattice wall, radial rafters, central compression ring and a framed door. "

I highly recommend stopping by Pacific Yurt's website at: I find that I can't help lingering in their yurt showrooms along highway 99 outside of Cottage Grove every time I'm down that way. I like to pretend I live in them.


If the Oregon Coast isn't too much of a haul for you, you can reserve these camping yurts at the Oregon State Parks website, and scroll down to the bottom to see the campgrounds that have them. There are a couple of campgrounds in the Bend area that have them as well. It's nice to know that come rain, wind, snow, or sleet, you can still go out camping and have a place to stay warm and dry.

Happy Winter Camping!


  1. we, too, love yurt camping in the wintertime - warm, peaceful, and calming.

  2. oh lara, sometimes when I regard your photos, read your posts, I think, I live in the wrong country. this wild nature, the possibility of yurt camping is great and wonderful!


  3. I have ALWAYS wanted too, but haven't done it yet. They look fun and cozy too!

  4. hi katherine, i so enjoy your blog. i had to comment- i just LOVE the yurts. i'll be blogging about our recent stay at cape lookout soon, when i get my (analog) photos back from the trip. there is just something about living in a round space that i could never put into words- one simply has to try it. i like to try it over and over and over again and luckily the state parks prices are not too bad. :)

  5. It's so good to hear there's so much yurt enthusiasm out there! What a great thing they are.