Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hot Stuff!

You may have noticed these snazzy new tags on my blog giveaways, in my Mountain Hearth Handcrafts Etsy shop, or in my booth at recent festivals. This is my idea turned into reality through my husband's artistic abilities. I have often said that I write because I can't draw or paint, so it's a good thing knowing an artist of that sort. For some time now, I have been stitching these cast-iron skillet grabbers for some time now from re-purposed wool sweaters. I really love cast-iron (read more about this kitchenware love affair here: Cast-Iron: Not Just Your Grandmother's Frying Pan!), and there is nothing else I would rather cook with, but the heat conductivity where handling is concerned is really an issue. Many issues can be solved with creativity and crafting, however, and I think these wool grabbers are a great solution.

I'm going to shamelessly advertise here and tell you to head on over to my Etsy shop and check them out:

I ended up taking this idea one step further with another common homestead kitchen item complete with its own set of issues. Mason jars are so essential and so abundant in homes where food is produced and preserved, that there always seems to be one on hand. You can read my ode to the canning jar here: A Canner's Inheritance. I use them for canning, dried food storage, herbs and spices, drinking glasses, vases, you name it. Since they're made to withstand boiling temperatures, they make excellent cups for tea, coffee and hot soup, and with the lid, you've got a to-go container with no potential leaching issues like plastic or metal. The problem, again, is heat conductivity. You don't want to grab one of these full of hot liquids. So, re-purposed wool sweaters save the day again. The sleeves make perfect mason jar warmers, and keep your drink hot and your hand cool. My husband helped out with another artistic sketch for the tag, making it a fun little gift.

More shameless advertising, check these out at my Etsy shop:

What can I say? Cast-iron and canning jars are just plain hot!


  1. You should make t-shirts or bags with these graphics. So wonderful.

  2. i love love both of these ideas!!
    I am in the process of writing up the crocheted pattern for the mason jar covers to share on my blog. Those are our family's water bottles.
    Love your tags!
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. Thanks! I am thinking of opening up a Cafepress shop online with the designs, so I will keep everyone posted on that!